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August 29th

Robots In Disguise

Everyone my age remembers Transformers from their youth. Everyone young today remembers Transformers from the recent film. So that's everyone then. I was quite the fan when young. I had...
August 17th

Bristol Motor Club August AutoSolo

For those who don't know, AutoSolo is a competitive motorsport event. Its a sort of cross between a slow Sprint and fast AutoTest minus the reversing sections. Americans run a similar style event...

Is your keyboard giving away your secrets?

You've got Windows fully patched up, you have a firewall on active duty and you have antivirus software in place. You even know you aren't meant to open spam attachments even when they promise you...
August 16th

Driving tips for the terminally stupid

Its a speed camera, not a slow camera. It goes off only if you speed past it. There's simply no need to panic brake to 15mph for them.
August 10th

Ancient Four Dimensional Software

A very long time ago I made a computer program to draw 4D surfaces via animated 3D projections. Sadly I haven't got any examples of the animations anymore, it was that long ago. It made images like...

Popup hell still exists

Cast your mind back to the dark ages of the Internet, if you were involved with it back then. If you weren't, you may struggle to believe just how pure things like email and the web were. They...