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This stuff is sensible, but not necessarily boring. You'll find stuff that may be interesting, or may be irrelevant to you. You won't find many jokes though. This is the more serious stuff.


Yay for foolishness on the web! Everyone likes the odd web-joke now and then. This section is packed full of silly Flash anims, altered images, ill advised experiments and more. Take a peek if you've got a few minutes you need to fill aimlessly.


Whenever I need to put a file on the web and link it from some unusual place, I'll generally stick it here. This really is a grab bag of random rubbish. You pays your money and takes your choice.


On Life, The Universe and Motorcars. Thoughts on allsorts, all from my head. I try to keep my blog clear of dull diary entries cataloguing what I'm up to on a day by day basis, unless it's something interesting or funny. I prefer to use my blog to explore avenues of thought, rant about objectionable stuff, praise the best of life and to make flippant jokes. If any of that might interest you, clicky clicky!

Underwood's Axioms 1e: People are stupid (ns)