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Boot release cable jamming up

The problem: The boot-release cable gets stiffer and stiffer until it won't budge any more. Then it breaks off, leaving you no way to get into the boot.

The explaination: Water runs down the back of the door (by design) and trickles down the steal release cable. Over time it rusts, and jams in place.

The solution: Lubricate the cable every now and then with WD40 or GT85 or similar. WD40 will displace the water and hopefully stop it from rusting and binding up. Keep a small can of WD40 in the boot, so you can do this every time you think about it. If you leave it until you get home, you'll forget and won't do it.

If it gets too stiff, you'll need to replace the cable. Any dealer or specialist will be able to do this. It is apparently an easy operation to perform yourself also. See here or do a web search for details.

If it's not foggy switch off your foglights (ns)