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Road gritting trucks

The problem: In the winter you're likely to be passing road gritting trucks, trying to make the roads a safer place by preventing ice from forming. You get a nasty surprise whilst overtaking them on the motorway.

The explaination: The grit that flies up into the cabin and leaves a salty mess everywhere comes in through the cabin air intakes. These are positioned well behind the front grill, but low down near the road. They are not filtered.

The solution: Just remember to shut the intake vents before passing a gritter truck. Or you could fit an aftermarket filter over the intakes. Filters stop flies/twigs/live wasps etc entering the cabin in the summer too. I've used the ones from Autostyle Solutions and whilst they're a bit on the dear side for filters, they fit snugly and work superbly well.

If it's not foggy switch off your foglights (ns)