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Handbrake rusting on

The problem: When you first try to move the car in the morning after heavy rain, it won't budge. When it moves, it judders and makes a scary clunk noise.

The explaination: Water on the rear brakes will rust the disks and 'glue' them to the pads. Releasing this hold causes the judder and clunk noise.

The solution: Don't leave the handbrake on! If the car is left on level ground, it is usually sufficient to leave it in either first or reverse gear without applying the handbrake. If you need to use the handbrake, only apply it as much as is necessary to hold the car still. The more it is applied, the worse the rusting problem can be.

A word of caution! If you park the car nose-on to a wall/garage etc, leave it in reverse gear. If you park it nose-out (eg, wall/garage etc behind the car) leave it in first. If you forget that it is in gear and try to start it, you want it to leap away from the direction of big solid immovable obsticles rather than towards. Lots of people have felt very silly submitting an insurance claim after having driven their expensive sports car into their own wall because they left it in gear!

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