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Lotus Elise Winter Survival Guide

The Elise: A classic British sports car built just the way the Brits like their sports cars to be. Fast, simple, focused on the driver, and completely hopeless at dealing with the local weather! This guide is intended to help people who like to drive their Elise all year round, but find it very dificult to put up with all the bad weather niggles.

This guide is written about the original S1 Elise, since that's the one I've owned for a couple of years. Much of it will probably be applicable to the S2 also. Some bits are only applicable to the S1. It should be fairly obvious as you read through the guide which bits will work for the S2 and which bits won't.

I use my Elise all year round. I don't have a garage to keep it in, and I don't have a hard-top to shield it with. I don't have any other car to wimp out of really bad weather in either. All the tips here are tried and tested by myself through real British winters, except where explicitly stated otherwise.

If you have a tip, comment, criticism etc, contact me at . I read everything, and reply to anything vaguely sensible.

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