ConeDodgers Bordon (26mb)
    ConeDodgers Andover (12mb)
    ConeDodgers Andover (24mb)
    UKD1 Elise Techniques (18mb)
    SELOC NW Sprint (15mb)
    SELOC NW Sprint (13mb)
    LoT Activity Day (16mb)
    SELOC NW Sprint (18mb)
    SELOC Autosolo (6mb)
    SELOC NW Sprint (3.6mb)

Homegrown movies and videos. Best thing to do with these is to download them before playing them - right click the links and hit "save as" to store them on your hard drive.

ConeDodgers Bordon (26mb)

ConeDodgers organise drift practice days. These are nice safe days where you can go along in your car and practice driving sideways all day long. Tough on tyres, big on fun, this is the video from the first such day I attended at Bordon.

ConeDodgers Andover (12mb)

More footage from ConeDodgers drift days. This is from my first Andover event.

ConeDodgers Andover (24mb)

Yet more ConeDodgers drift footage. It's Andover again for the fun in this round.

UKD1 Elise Techniques (18mb)

UKD1 is a series of drifting competitions run in the UK. I entered in my Lotus Elise. The Elise is totally hopeless at drifting, having not enough power, too much grip and spinny mid-engine handling. Still, I gave it a go, and this is the fun results.

SELOC North Weald Sprint 2004-10-17 (15mb)

This is footage from in my car competing in the SELOC North Weald Sprint (2004-10-17). The Lotus club's event was a corker, but this video might make your eyes wonkey with the bumpy conditions and 2x2 video configuration.

SELOC North Weald Sprint 2005-07-10 (13mb)

More jumpy bumpyness at the SELOC North Weald Sprint again. Easier to watch than the above video, and with wind/tyre/engine noise too! This was my first timed run and not my fastest of the day by any means. The faster runs were lost to the demon of flat digital camera batteries sadly.

Lotus On Track North Weald Activity Day 2005-07-15 (16mb)

Lotus On Track host activity days in association with CarLimits. These are training/practice days with mini-circuits, slaloms etc. The idea is to have fun, which is what this video is about. You won't learn much about performance driving in this one, but you might enjoy the silly camera angles!

SELOC North Weald Sprint 2005-10-02 (18mb)

The final SELOC sprint of the year. The good, the bad and the ugly of my day's efforts. The good is my 3rd place winning run. The bad is my throttle linkage breaking mid-run. The ugly is a very sideways lap of fun. With all new sidewaysometer!

SELOC North Weald Autosolo 2005-11-08 (6mb)

This is in-car footage from SELOC's first ever autosolo. Autosolo is a relatively new motorsport; a cross between sprint and autotest on a tight twisty slow course, but with no reverse sections. I came first overall in this event by quite a margin, and this is one of my fastest runs.

SELOC North Weald Sprint 2006-04-09 (3.6mb)

The first SELOC sprint of the new season. I came first in class with this run by over 1.6 seconds. This time even beat every car in the next class up which included cars on stickier tyres and with moderately tuned engines! The footage here is shown side-by-sde with my first run of the day to see where time is won and lost. The faster video is paused at certain points to allow the slower run to 'catch up' and the time difference is noted. This should be of interest to anyone who drives against the clock.

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