Fantastic 4
    Different World
    Robo Range
    Travis Racing
    Turtle Power
    A Matter of Life and Death
    Unaccompanied Minors
    Ape Club
    Crazy Frog
    Call of Juarez
    Emily Rose
    Deuce Bigalow
    The Reef
    Kids K'nex
    The Klaxons
    Happy Feet Mail
    Toonami Pinball
    Ant Bully Mail
    Hazard Perception
    The Rapture
    The Casuals
    A Scanner Darkly

The links below are some of the things I've worked on in my professional career. Some of them are reasonably good too! All the links pop up in new browser windows as none of them are hosted on this site.

Games (good)

Fantastic 4 - Rise of the Silver Surfer

Can you dodge bullets? I bet you can go one better and dodge missiles in this simple but addictive slidey avoidy game. Can you beat my time of 2m45?

Rant - Crash Junction

Race down a road. Smash into the junction and carpark at the end. This 10-second game couldn't be simpler in concept or gameplay, but it's surprisingly addictive for it's one-touch quick replay factor. Just one more go!

Iron Maiden - Different World

Fill the screen with plasma death in this kickass sideways scrolling shoot 'em up. Make sure you collect the gun upgrades of you won't stand a chance. This is traditional action all the way with a rocking soundtrack.

Robo Range Puzzler

Program your robot to get to the exit by dropping simple commands on the ground for it in this slick puzzle game. Finding the optimal path will lead you to the top of the scoreboard. The code to get into the third set of levels (which are the best) is 3003. Jumping is faster than walking, and yes, that last level is possible. I promise!

Travis - Closer Racing

Race slidey supermarket trolleys around in this decent little game. Grab the bonus items and find the shortcuts for the best scores. Turn the music off if you're not a Travis fan!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fighting

Pick a Mutant Turtle and kick some baddie ass in this Street Fighter style game. Make sure you work out the controls and special moves before you get stuck in.

Iron Maiden - A Matter of Life and Death

Hardcore warrey shooty zombie massacre game. Defend your wall from the attacking forces. Use the funky 3D bullets to smash your enemies to bits! Over 3 million players can't be wrong!

Unaccompanied Minors Racing

Whizz around three addictive airport tracks in electric buggies. The best bit about this game is the fact that the computer AIs drive identical performance cars to you, so its pretty fair. Lose in this and you only have yourself to blame!

Games (less good)

Ape Club Parachute Game

Click the falling parachuter on the main screen to go to the bit I built. It's a simple game of clicking on falling monkeys. The trick? The monkeys fall more and more rapidly leaving you floundering to keep up. Can you find the 1000 point bonus technique for the ultimate scores?

Crazy Frog Platformer Banner

You probably detest the Crazy Frog nearly as much as me, and I expect you hate banner ads even more. But hey, that's no reason why a Crazy Frog banner ad game needs to be rubbish! This is better than you'd expect for the territory, although its a bit unfair at the top as the game is uncompletable. Its an enjoyable leapy game nonetheless, although I understand if you want to steer clear!

Call of Juarez Banner

Another banner ad game, but not evil like most of them. No unpleasent tricks to cause popups or anything. This shooter is basic, cliche and not exactly deep, but for a day's work turned out pretty playable for a few minutes!


A flawed concept from the start - drive around in the dark, shooting and retrieving 'lunes' (warewolves to anyone other than the book'author). The lighting effects and other design elements make this run poorly on anything less than spectacular machines. Unfortunately the game plays poorly even on spectacular machines. Oh well, you can't be successful all the time.

Emily Rose Puzzle

Turn your sound up and try to solve this creepy puzzler. Figure out the phrase for the fridge by watching the hangman letter on the little note as you arrange the magnets. Hurry, there's a time limit y'know.

Deuce Bigalow 2

Silly game of skill - catch the wine spraying from your date's throat. Sometimes I struggle to believe the stuff I get paid to make!

Web toys

The Reef - Scene Builder

Make yourself a watery desktop wallpaper with this webtoy for kids.

Kids K'nex Monster Maker

Make yourself a custom monster out of K' pieces.

The Klaxons - Album Cover Maker

Make yourself some custom artwork for your Klaxons album.

Happy Feet Mail

Create a message and have Mumble the penguin draw it in the snow for a friend.

Toonami Pinball

A novel way to select a game to play from the Toonami website. Play pinball for them! I built the pinball part, not the games themselves here.

Ant Bully Mail

Send a message made of ants in this online ecard creator. The end result is sometimes a bit more visually surprising than you first think.


The Hazard Perception Challenge

Prepare for your UK Driving Theory and Hazard Perception Test with this online course website. All the driving content stuff has been exclusively produced by a qualified advanced instructor. Features include unique Hazard Perception practice software, a theory test practice page with the official DSA questions and specialist video clips that give practical tips on aspects of driving. It's really good stuff!


This is the official website of the beautiful voiced singer Sia. They specified it to look like that. Honest! Ignore the visuals and check out the music though. It's really great stuff (especially Breathe Me).

The Rapture - Pieces of the People We Love

Become part of The Rapture Picturewall forever by uploading your image here.

The Casuals

Official site of the band The Casuals.

A Scanner Darkly

Another picturewall site for the curiously stylised film A Scanner Darkly. I found the film left my eyes strained for several days, but your mileage may vary.


This one is by a good friend rather than by me. It's a sort of uberguide that aggregates data about towns into one convenient place. Give it a go, you might learn something about where you live, or where you're going. Even better, there's a cute dog on every page!

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