Time Lapse Photography is the technique of taking a whole bunch of photos of the same thing, then stringing them into a movie. The photographs are taken at a slower rate than they are played back, so they can speed up very slow boring things into remarkably interesting clips.


Everyone who has tried time-lapse has tried shooting clouds at some point. These aren't wildly different to other people's efforts, but they're still interesting. The night-time moonlight versions are especially nice.

Fast Moving Clouds (5Mb)
These clouds are whizzing past at a fair rate. It's interesting to see how they form, dissolve and change shape in front of your eyes, not just moving past as you might expect. You can see different layers of clouds moving in different direction clearly too. Click here for sample frame.

Moonlight Clouds 1 (5Mb)
Clouds don't just have to be bright and fluffy. Moonlight comes shining through clouds in a spooky and beautiful way. Even the moon itself moves pretty quickly through the sky in timelapse photography. Click here for sample frame.

Moonlight Clouds 2 (8.8Mb)
This is a later attempt at a moonlight cloud timelapse. The colour ballance is considerably better and the video more atmospheric for it. Even the clouds themselves are better here. Click here for sample frame.


Things happen quickly when driving, so why would time-lapse be interesting here? Well, it makes it look like you're doing a thousand miles per hour, with zen-like traffic prediction skills.

Winter Drive (18.4Mb)
Timelapse in traffic means terrifying looking driving! I promise this was sensible the entire time, but it looks utterly spectacular. Pulling up behind stationary traffic and negotiating junctions look particularly dangerous! Click here for sample frame.

High Speed Motorway (16.9Mb)
Timelapse on country roads all happens a bit fast to see what's going on. I wondered if timelapse on a fast motorway would be better, as most cars are travelling at roughly the same speed so even though the vehicle speeds are higher, things change in the lens less rapidly. Click here for sample frame.


How interesting is ice melting? About the same as paint drying, right? Wrong...

Melting Ice in an Eggcup (6Mb)
I expected this to be a fun movie, but I really didn't expect to see the melting ice behave so strangely. It twists and rotates, changes the rate at which it melts and all sorts. Surprisingly good! Click here for sample frame.

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