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Fanatical About Flash

Game: Radar Rik in Escape From The Caverns of Poor Lighting (60kb)

If the swirly radar effect doesn't give you motion sickness, you'll love this classic escape game with a twist! Use all the tools at your disposal to try to escape a system of devilish caves. Think you're pretty good? The global fastest-times table will give you the truth!

Game: PickaBrick (102kb)

A classic puzzle game with global highscores. Can you beat the best in the world? This game has a unique feature - an virtually unhackable high score table. If you program in Flash you probably think that's impossible. Give it a go then, I dare you!

FrameRunner (54kb)

This is just a tech demo at the moment, but it's in the process of becomming a texture-mapped 3D action game where you run around and leap off the walls. Use cursor keys to move the level around.

Flash Guitar (214kb)

Play guitar like a pro. Well, OK, like a complete beginner. Still, this toy gives you four strings and 5 frets in a simple to use format. It's even possible to play a few basic songs on it (slowly). Be warned that if you have a cheap nasty keyboard, some chords will be impossible to play!

Gravity Things (5kb)

This little webtoy is a simulation of planets and gravity. Add some planets, chuck 'em around with the mouse and watch them whizz around each other. Now with added action replay function!

Water State Machine (2kb)

Who'd have thought you could squish an interactive semi-believable water simulation into just 2kb of download! Well I did. That's who. In this sim, you can draw little ramps and containers etc by clicking with the mouse. Once ready, click the black box under the 'tap' (red box) and it will start leaking over your drawing. Mmmmm, soggy.

Dusty Springfield (337kb)

The late great singer waxes lyrical about her secret love of cheap Germain supermarket chains. Farewell Dusty, you'll be missed.

Thought Ramble (121kb)

What happens if you sit down in front of Flash MX with a graphics tablet and allow your mind to just wander? This happens, that's what. It's not really about anything. It's not meant to be anything. The best way I can describe it is like a thought ramble, or a mood snaphot. Or spazzy lines. Yeah, spazzy lines.

Mouse Toys

Mouse toys are silly little Flash anims that interact with the mouse and how it moves. Basically, wiggle the mouse around for some eye-candy.

Wibbly Lines
Imagine you're 3 years old again and you have a bunch of wax crayons in your hand

Chasing Things
This should amuse you for longer than it took me to write

Torch (125kb)
Spooky Blair Witch torch effect, only not as bad as the film. Yep, that's a photo of me, taken by me!

Spirally Bubbles V2
V1 was crap. V2 is prettier, spinnier and more interactive

Laser Blast
Twin lasers scorch the screen. Click mouse to fire

Spirally Bubbles V3
V3 is spinnier again, less chaotic but more intense

Height Hop
They just keep popping up to meet you

Simple sine waves can be so pretty when controlled by the mouse. Move left/right to control the patterns

Is there anybody out there? (ns)