Scrolly thing
    Disolving sugar (small)
    Disolving sugar (big)

Other Crap

In this section you get to play with all the silly stuff I've done that doesn't fit in anywhere else. I'm just too kind, y'know.

Scrolly thing

Can you find the four images hidden in this page? Click it, it'll pop up into a new window that consists of some very plain HTML and a couple of pictures. Have a play
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Microscopic disolving stuff

With a tiny and not particularly good 30 year old microscope and a simple 1.5 megapixel digital camera, I managed to take this fascinating series of images. This is a single grain of sugar disolving in water over about half an hour. The anim comes in two flavours - ickle for those who fear big downloads, and larger for those with more bandwidth than queued data.

I'm a wimp and can only look at the small animation (271kb)
Gimme the fully man-sized lard-o-version big animation (2256kb)

Terribly hard and annoying scrolly maze

Get lost! No, I didn't mean it like that. I meant get yourself thoroughly lost in this most confusing of mazes. Sure, it starts easy. Give this fiendish and annoying maze a couple of levels though. The difficulty ramp-up curve becomes absurd! Get started!

Underwood's Axioms 1b: Things take longer (ns)