Game Walkthrough

You have just sixty seconds to solve your own murder in this short dark adventure game. You've got nothing to lose so gamble your last seconds for the chance to find out who killed you. Play Sixty Seconds to Live.

Note: Only use this walkthrough when you are really stuck. Don't ruin the game for yourself!

The letter

Open the envelope
Take the note from the envelope
Unfold the note
Turn the note over
Read the note

Your cell

Explore your cell
Get a pushpin
Examine the door
Pick the lock
Open your cell

The corridor

The corridor


Find the poison


Find the wallet
Examine the wallet
Open the wallet
Whose wallet is it?
Find motive
Back to the guard's room


Find the security footage
Rewind the tape
Find evidence on tape
Back to the guard's room

Summing up

End the game

Bonus points

Bonus points
Envelope bonusses
Cell bonusses
Corridor bonusses
Guard room bonusses
Video bonusses
Wallet bonusses
Window bonusses

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