Bending the Light

bending-the-lightDon your Oculus Rift headset and grab your Touch controllers for this mind-bending puzzle game. Manipulate beautiful beams of energy with all manner of tools to try and charge up the targets. Includes 40 levels, each with its own secrets to discover.

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  • – 40 levels, each with secrets and collectables
  • – Designed for Oculus Touch
  • – Playable with gamepad
  • – Even playable with just a keyboard
  • – Abstract, dreamy, beautiful and atmospheric
  • – Meta-puzzles for those who solve everything else
  • – Low pressure, relaxing gameplay, but not simple!
  • – Can you achieve 100% completion?

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31 responses to "Bending the Light"

  1. David Hall says:

    The little hints your provided above saved me from going insane. Really? Grab atoms in quick succession, I would have never thought that, might have eventuality stumbled on it in frustration. Like the stalactites I just started clicking around hoping there was something else and stumbled on that. Great game though. Love the physics. Kind of wish I recorded myself in the crazy positions I was putting myself to get some of those constellations.

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