Bending the Light

bending-the-lightDon your Oculus Rift headset and grab your Touch controllers for this mind-bending puzzle game. Manipulate beautiful beams of energy with all manner of tools to try and charge up the targets. Includes 40 levels, each with its own secrets to discover.

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  • – 40 levels, each with secrets and collectables
  • – Designed for Oculus Touch
  • – Playable with gamepad
  • – Even playable with just a keyboard
  • – Abstract, dreamy, beautiful and atmospheric
  • – Meta-puzzles for those who solve everything else
  • – Low pressure, relaxing gameplay, but not simple!
  • – Can you achieve 100% completion?

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38 responses to "Bending the Light"

  1. David Hall says:

    The little hints your provided above saved me from going insane. Really? Grab atoms in quick succession, I would have never thought that, might have eventuality stumbled on it in frustration. Like the stalactites I just started clicking around hoping there was something else and stumbled on that. Great game though. Love the physics. Kind of wish I recorded myself in the crazy positions I was putting myself to get some of those constellations.

  2. cpd says:

    I would love some tips for syncopation and delirium.

    I’ve made multiple fruitless attempts at both and I’m yet to have an epiphany on how to solve either.

    Syncopation obviously requires that the two light sources be syncopated by accelerating / decelerating one (or both?), but… that’s all I’ve got.

    Delirium appears to require precise timing / rearranging mirrors because the orbs seem to drain more slowly than normal, but I’m not sure this is correct since moving elements mid-solution doesn’t seem consistent with the other levels. I’ve got no idea of the path the light should take for either.

    I’ve hit a brick wall with these two and I’m now trapped at 85% progress. I’ve completed everything else (35/40 perfect levels, 108/120 atoms, 85% fragments) so there’s nothing left to do. My patience has now been overcome by my desire to play something else, so without some hints I guess I’ll never even see those those last 3 levels. Or find out what happens when the dome is complete.

  3. CMU says:

    For Delirium, set up the mirrors such that you only have to remove one to change the beam to a different target orb. Think about using the back side of the mirrors as well, to bounce the beam precisely backwards. You’re right about having to time it, but you can set it up to be very easy to perform. I hate games with precise timings, so this one certainly doesn’t require that.

    Syncopation: Yep, again you understand the solution. Maybe you haven’t discovered the tricks that let you retime the pulses. I know of three different ways to achieve that. You can use the orbs to make a longer path for one of the pulses (which is actually pretty hard). You can chase individual pulses around with an orb, trying to make it land with the other pulse (which is easier, but requires a bit of luck/skill to do). Or (easiest I think) you can overlap the orbs with the emitters to make them speed up and slow down the initial speed. Since the level only has attraction orbs, if you put one somewhat behind the emitter (look at the particles which match the area of effect) you can adjust the emission speed. Then if you adjust the other two you can form a static solution which works.

  4. Petrik de Hair says:

    Is there an exit button, and if so where? I resort to killing the game from the SteamVR Window, but it’s not exactly elegant…

  5. CMU says:

    Just press Alt+F4 like any app responds to. Or use the controls in the Oculus menu. It’s a graceful enough exit, don’t worry about loss of progress etc.

  6. L says:

    So far I can’t find any atoms on Delirium, but I completed the level easily enough. I’m also stuck on Subdivision and Dissonance levels.

  7. Eike says:

    Hi there,

    this is such an awesome puzzle game and we had so much fun solving it completely. Any chance to compile it to use with oculus quest or other devices?

    Best wishes

  8. CMU says:

    Thanks for the kind words Eike.

    I tried a build on the Quest way back, but sadly it didn’t have enough CPU power to compute the physics. It worked, just not at full framerate. I’ve got it in the back of my mind to revisit when I get a bit of time, but it might not happen.

    Have you tried my Quest/Rift game Hanna in a Choppa 3? It’s totally free!

    I’ve also got a new game coming soon-ish. A unique word puzzle that’s a cross between a classic crossword and scategories, but in 3D. It too will be free and will come with loads of built in puzzles. More will be availeble via in-app purchases too.

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