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Clearly or Darkly

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

clearly-or-darklyThis microsite was produced to promote the film ‘A Scanner Darkly’. As more people upload their images to the system, an overall image begins to form from the mosaic of smaller photos.

The site is quite technically challenging, having to upload and process images into appropriate positions on the master image. Then to send all that data back to the client machine is a tricky task too, achieved by combining images into one giant image on the server, then getting Flash to sort everything out on the client’s machine.

Ant Bully Mail

Friday, July 14th, 2006

antbullymailThis webtoy was built to promote the Ant Bully film. You get to draw on the ground with a stick, then send your picture to a friend, where it is recreated via the medium of crawling ants!

Sounds like a simple concept, but there’s an unexpected niceness in the way the ants form all of your lines simultaneously. Check out the link below (which links to a message I’ve made just for you) to see what I mean…


Sia Music Website

Monday, June 5th, 2006

siamusicI created this band site for the singer Sia. Her unusual artistic style was brought into the site by making everything look like a 3 year old child drew it!

Behind the scenes is a CMS so Sia and her band can update the website by themselves, and they do! Part of the reason her fanbase is so loyal (besides her occasionally brilliant music – don’t miss hearing “Breathe Me” on the site) is her willingness to interract with the fans themselves. The website is always kept up to date with samples of her latest music, videos and blog entries.

NOTE: The website I built has since been replaced by another company.


Futureheads Wordsearch

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

futureheads-wordsearchI created this wordsearch to help the band The Futureheads promote their latest tour. Find the tour locations in the wordsearch to get the details.

As an advertising campaign, it’s a bit of a broken concept since you have to work to get the info you want, and you can’t be sure you’ve found all the locations. As a simple wordsearch game it works pretty well, however.