Bending the Light

bending-the-lightDon your Oculus Rift headset and grab your Touch controllers for this mind-bending puzzle game. Manipulate beautiful beams of energy with all manner of tools to try and charge up the targets. Includes 40 levels, each with its own secrets to discover.

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  • – 40 levels, each with secrets and collectables
  • – Designed for Oculus Touch
  • – Playable with gamepad
  • – Even playable with just a keyboard
  • – Abstract, dreamy, beautiful and atmospheric
  • – Meta-puzzles for those who solve everything else
  • – Low pressure, relaxing gameplay, but not simple!
  • – Can you achieve 100% completion?

Watch the trailer

See the walkthrough

36 responses to "Bending the Light"

  1. Paul says:

    Saw this featured on the Oculus store. Looks great! Congrats, Chris.

  2. Kyle says:

    Great game! Went through every level of light bending. Gone through all of them again getting the collectables. Went through all but 2 a 3rd time getting the super-secrets. Need help finding the last 2 constellations! There’s no help so far as I’ve been searching. Need tips please!

  3. Steve says:

    This game looks interesting, but seems to be largely ignored. Are there any professional reviews?

  4. CMU says:

    I haven’t seen any professional reviews. Just a couple of pre-release articles on a few of the VR sites which were from press packs I sent out. None of the sites played the game before posting their articles.

    The only thing close to a review I know of is this youtube video, where a couple of German (I think) guys play the game for quite a while. I don’t speak German myself, but they seem to be enjoying their time with it!

    I’d suggest only watching enough to see if the game is for you or not. You’ll get more out of it solving the puzzles for yourself, rather than watching someone else solve them.

  5. Congratulations on this great game. I’ve written a short review in German:

  6. CMU says:

    Thank you for your kind review! I’m afraid I don’t speak German, but Google makes a surprisingly readable translation of it.

  7. tylor says:

    best game i’ve ever bought for the price

  8. Gary says:

    Downloaded today, play on Oculus Rift. Couldn’t find how to exit game and ended up going into keyboard mode. Need help to return to oculus hand controllers as keyboard mode is worthless.

    Pls help

  9. CMU says:

    You can press Alt+F4 any time to quit, just like every other Windows app. Or you can use the Oculus menu from the Touch controllers. Press the Oculus menu button on the right hand, then find the Home item on screen.

    To return to Touch controller mode in-game, look at the controller button in the settings menu and press the spacebar. It’s a legacy mode for people without the Touch controllers.

  10. eike says:

    Hi there,

    awesome game, we have played it together for a few nights now, and we’re at stuck at the atoms for incarceration, everything else is done! Tried it for an hour and could not do anything. Do you have any smallest hint that might help us?

    Thanks a lot for that great title.

  11. CMU says:

    Investigate the stalactites hanging down from the main level rock… Post again if you need more of a hint. Well done for getting so far on your own!

  12. Eike says:

    Awesome, Completion! Thanks for your hint and this awesome, wonderful, surprising game. We had a lot of fun playing. (You can delete the hint now if you want).
    Cheers eike

  13. CMU says:

    Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad the hint helped, and well done for getting all the way to the end. Not an easy feat by any means!

  14. Rodger says:

    Hi, the game is perfect, I got almost everything, except the atoms from the level “NEXUS”, I don’t know how to find it… It sounds very frustrating because I’ve tried a lot :/
    I appreciate any help. Thanks!

  15. Rodger says:

    Never mind, I got it finally the atoms from NEXUS! Thank you for the master piece!

  16. BGU says:

    Great game! I’m a little stuck, though. I can’t find atom 1 or the constellation on Tear me Down; the Constellation on Defiance; or the atoms on Incarceration. I will try the hint above. Maybe you’re still helping folks out? Thanks!

  17. Slippstream says:

    Love your game. Totally stuck at end though. Can’t find a single atom in nexus and I’m missing one from the othe last unlock level. Please help or email me clue please. Ty much!

  18. Slippstream says:

    Stuck on nexus please help. Can’t find a single atom

  19. Kristopher Kelly says:

    PLease help me finish your game missing 3 atoms on “nexus” and one atom on the other last locked level. thanks!

  20. CMU says:

    Congratulations Rodger. Have you completed it 100% then?

  21. CMU says:

    BGU, congrats on making it that far on your own! Yes, still happy to help.
    Tear it Down: Try redirecting a beam to the structure under the level.
    Defiance: Try to collect the atoms in quick succession.
    Incarceration: Break off the stalactites hanging under the level.

  22. CMU says:

    Slippstream, check the reply to BGU for the final level.
    Nexus: Complete the constellation to make the atoms appear.

  23. CMU says:

    Kristopher, I think I’ve already replied via email, but in case that was someone else check the recent replies on here for answers. Good luck!

  24. mike says:

    what do you mean “finish the constellation” i have got all the atoms in all levels except nexus which is what i thought you meant but stil don’t appear. I am so freaking lost.

  25. CMU says:

    Have you got that far and not discovered the constellations? If so, have another watch through of the trailer and try to see if there’s anything you’ve missed. If you still can’t see it, let me know again!

  26. Mike says:

    If you are referring to connecting those stars I am basically lost how that is accomplished. I couldnt really follow wha you were doing with them in th trailer cause i tried grabbing them. No idea man

  27. CMU says:

    Yep, the stars are a whole other set of puzzles that exist in every level. Nexus probably isn’t the easiest to start with! You have to centre on of them in your vision for a few seconds (look for it growing/shrinking for feedback). Once you’ve got it, a laser will shoot from your left shoulder that you can aim by pointing/moving your head around. If it bumps into the scenery, it’ll stop. Basically, connect all the stars with that, and you’ll earn a tick on the level select screen.

  28. LN says:

    Love this game, love that there are puzzles in puzzles. Currently at 99% because the Attenuation constellation is evading my desire to connect the dots! Any advise?

  29. LN says:

    I got the last constellation!! Amazing game, thank you for developing, would love to see a bending the light 2 or another puzzle game from you all. Thanks! I will be leaving a great review for you as well. 🙂

  30. CMU says:

    Wow, congratulations for solving it all by yourself! I was going to give you a hint about the Attenuation constellation, but you seem to have got it yourself. You’ve done really well, most people get stuck somewhere and need a little help. You can count yourself among the very few who got it all alone.

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